Midori Simulator

         I started Midori Simulator in February 5, 2017. I still need a Green Hair Color, Green Phone,  Green Stockings, Left and Right Green Eyes, Replace Taro Yamada (Senpai) to Yandere Dev as I ship them, Remove the Player having an access to get/grab a weapon or Remove all of the weapons in Yandere Simulator to not allow the player to kill someone, Green Panty, Mai Waifu rival, and control the player to go to class when the time strikes 8:20/30 AM and 1:20/30 PM . For now, those things that I said will be in the future, here are the things that I made:


Midori Hair

Midori’s Walk animation, Run animation, Idle animation:

Idle: f02_texting_00

Run: f02_run_00

Walk: f02_walk_00

Voice lines of Midori “Spamming Yandere Dev” will play in loop

Z button to say “Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev!”

Hid the real Midori